1. Increasing the number of securities in a portfolio is likely to result in

2. Which is the best return representation for three-year returns from a debt fund?

3. A fund posts excess return compared to peer group averages. What is the number to look at, to check if such performance is consistent?

4. A portfolio invested 2% of its funds in a stock that has shown a 30% appreciation. What is the contribution of this stock to the change in the portfolio's return?

5. A fund's mean excess return is 14% and standard deviation of excess return is 8%. The information ratio for the fund is

Borrowing against your mf units

can you borrow against your mutual fund units?

  • Level - 6,3,8,6 BASIC

You can borrow money against mutual fund units placed under lien with your lender. Watch this investor education video by Moneykraft.

AUTHOR(s):Shreeja Thirani


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Smeeta Ghorpade

good video informative and clear one to understand