1. Mr. Gonsalves has not registered nomination of his investments. On his death, Mrs. Gonsalves stakes her claim on his investments. So do his two sons. To whom will the investments pass?

2. On death of an investor, the investments are passed on through the process of _____________.

3. A mutual fund is held jointly by Mr. And Mrs. A. Mr. A dies. To whom will the investment pass on? They have made a nomination in favour of their son

What happens if there is no nomination?

transmission in mutual funds: what happens if there is no nomination?

  • Level - 9,3,2,4 INTERMEDIATE

Nomination establishes a right in favour of the nominee and facilitates transmission of mutual funds.Watch this video to learn about the importance of nomination and the consequences of not making one.

AUTHOR(s):Taruna Changulani


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